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Hoborg creates Klogg to share the paradise world of the Neverhood.
Hoborg creates Klogg to share the paradise world of the Neverhood.

Klogg was the first being created by the powerful entity Hoborg to reside in the new world of the Neverhood. Hoborg had built the Neverhood, a world full of beauty and wonder, with the expectation it would make him happy, but instead he found himself lonely. He soon had an idea – just as he had built his ideal world, he could build a companion with which to experience it. Placing a precious Lifeseed into the klay of the Neverhood, he created Klogg and instructed him that “everything you see here is yours to enjoy!”. It was soon obvious that a mistake had been made: Klogg was envious of the only thing he could not have, Hoborg’s crown, and began plotting its theft.

Klogg steals the Neverhood crown and declares himself king.
Klogg steals the Neverhood crown and declares himself king.

As Hoborg sat in his throne room preparing to create more people, Klogg snatched the crown from the king's head. Staring down at his shocked creator, he gloated over his victory:

"Now Hoborg, we will see who rules this world! You cannot rule without a crown!"

Despite Hoborg’s desperate warning, Klogg declared himself ruler of the Neverhood and placed the crown on his head. The power of the crown coursed through him, causing a radical transformation of both his physical form, and his sanity. The previous king now sat frozen on his throne – the crown was more than a symbol of authority, it was Hoborg's secret to life. Klogg now controlled the Neverhood unopposed, and set about cementing his rule.

After his transformation through the power of the crown.
After his transformation through the power of the crown.

His first order of business was to isolate the throne room from the rest of the world, ensuring that Hoborg's crown could not be returned to the sleeping monarchs head. He went to great lengths to achieve this goal, even cutting the Neverhood in half and separating the pieces. Guards were put in place to protect the castle, including the fearsome Clockwork Beast. Big Robot Bill was imprisoned and switched over to evil, and ravenous monsters known as Weasels were set loose to hunt down Willie Trombone.

Willie manages one final act against Klogg before going into hiding: using a spare Lifeseed, he creates Klayman (the player character), and with a series of recorded messages instructs him to save Hoborg. Klaymen surmounts the barriers put in place by Klogg, eventually leading to a confrontation in the throne room. Klogg offers the crown (and hence rule of the Neverhood) to Klaymen, providing the player with a final moral choice.

Klogg's regicide attempt ends badly.
Klogg's regicide attempt ends badly.

If the player chooses the crown, Klaymen wears the crown and is similarly transformed, but Klogg's victory is cut short with Klaymen killing him and assuming control. The canonical ending sees the player restoring the crown and reviving the monarch, before Klogg attempts to stab Hoborg. Stepping on a remote control for one of his booby traps, Klogg is blown through the castle walls and off the Neverhood entirely. Looking down into the blackness of space after Klogg, Hoborg remarks "You know, I never really understood that guy...". This marks the last appearance of Klogg in the original Neverhood.

"...I am Kloggmonkey, king of all Skullmonkeys!"

Klogg reappears in the subsequent game 'Skullmonkeys', once again as the primary antagonist. After falling through space, Klogg lands on the planet Idznak (and one very unfortunate Skullmonkey) and true to form declares himself to be Kloggmonkey, king of all Skullmonkeys. Clothed in the skull and pelt of his unfortunate landing pad, he uses the Skullmonkeys as a workforce to construct Evil Engine Number 9, a device that will destroy the Neverhood. He never gets to see his grand design come to fruition, as once again Klaymen thwarts his plans, killing him in the process. The Skullmonkeys have the last word on Klogg, marking his passing in song:

"Klogg is dead, and we want to celebrate it!

He's pushin' up daisies, former and belated.

He's a bad guy, that's why were elated!

Well, Klogg is dead!

Yeesss, Kloggs kaput, no longer operatin'!

Retired, expired, quite an emancipation.

Released, Deceased, gone bust, he's dust!

Let's lift up our shorts and do a pelvic thrust!

Uhh! Klogg is dead!

He was dirty and obscene, and not a little mean!

So we'll sing in one accord

Now that he's gone to his reward!

Klogg is dead, he's history!

Why we shake our booty's no mystery!

He's gone at last, his time has past!

Now we can go back to passing gas!

Yeah, Klogg IS DEAD!"

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