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    Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 13, 2002

    This entry in the Klonoa series sees the floppy-eared hero training to become a true hero in a new RPG adventure.

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    Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal is a spin-off of the Klonoa franchise, released only in Japan on December 13, 2002. Klonoa Heroes was developed by Namco and published by Namco for the Game Boy Advance. Klonoa Heroes is a twist on the traditional Klonoa games, putting Klonoa in a more action role-playing game along the lines of Secret of Mana or Beyond Oasis. The game does have voice acting, as well. Kumiko Watanabe plays Klonoa, Takahiro Sakurai plays Guntz, Shouzou Iizuke plays Pango, and Yutaka Shimaka plays Garlen.


    Klonoa attacks an enemy in the first world.
    Klonoa attacks an enemy in the first world.

    In Klonoa Heroes players can control one of three characters (Klonoa, Guntz, and Pango) in a top-down perspective, hitting enemies with various attacks (Klonoa with the Wind Ring seen in the platforming games, albeit with a few differences). Guntz uses a handgun, while Pango throws bombs. In addition, these characters can collect more weapons as the game progresses. Every enemy in the game is given a color (either blue or red), and the player must attack that enemy with the corresponding attack (as each weapon has a blue and red attack).

    Experience points are gathered by picking up Dream Shards after defeating enemies (failure to pick them up results in no experience). Enemies also drop coins, which can be spent on items and weapons. These items can be found in chests scattered throughout the levels, as well. Most items can be used to restore health, but there are various other uses (such as stat benefits). Leveling up also allows the player to distribute points in several different areas (traditional role-playing game stats, such as attack, defense, and agility). These changes are not permanent and can be changed at any time (when not in the middle of a level).


    • Breezegale
    • Jugkettle Sea
    • The Ruins of the Moon
    • The Sky Temple
    • Volk City
    • The Moon World
    • Lunar Base
    • Darkness of Nahatomb


    The game is set in another world from the traditional Klonoa games. The game is centered around Klonoa and his goal of becoming a "true hero." The game begins with Klonoa in his hometown of Breezegale, walking around with his friend Chipple. They find a flower called the Hikari Sakura, which is said to be a rare flower that only appears during special times, and grants the person who plucks it good luck.

    After taking the Hikari Sakura, Popka (another friend of Klonoa) runs in to tell them that enemies have surrounded Breezegale. Klonoa goes to defeat them, and after doing so visits his friend Lolo. Lolo tells Klonoa of more enemies attacking from Bell Hill. Klonoa is surrounded at the top of Bell HIll by many small enemies but is saved by a man named Guntz.

    The two continue their quest (and are eventually joined by Pango, who wants to heal his son Boris). In the end, it is revealed that a man named Garlen has joined forces with two other villains (Joka and Janga) and is behind all of the monsters in the game. The three protagonists manage to defeat them once and for all.


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