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The games take place in different worlds and never return to the same "planet" or storyline. Mainly, Phantomile and Lunatea are the most well known games.
Klonoa games revolve around Klonoa, the Dream Traveler, saving the world he is currently in from destruction from whatever threat is there. During the games progression he makes friends and also powerful enemies, some of them reoccurring.


The main gameplay aspect features Klonoa's ring and his shooting of 'wind bullets' to inflate enemies. When enemies are inflated they can be tossed towards other enemies to kill them, or he can use them to double jump and reach high places. 
Klonoa features heavy platforming sequences with some interesting boss fights, mainly having him circle around a platform and fire inflated enemies to key parts of the enemy.


 Klonoa the cheerful Dream  Traveler
 Klonoa the cheerful Dream Traveler


  The protagonist. He is described as the Dream Traveler because he is fated to travel to various planets and save them wherever Dreams are in danger of being destroyed. He is voiced by Kumiko Watanabe in the Japanese versions and Eric Stitt in the English dubs. 



 A small mascot he found within the ring he discovered in the forest. He is the main reason why Klonoa can fire his 'wind bullets' and defend himself from enemies. During the end of Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, he reveals that he is in fact a Prince and he purposely guided Klonoa to his homeworld to help Lephise give the Song of Rebirth.


 The perfect nightmare. He is said to be a demon who was sealed away forever to prevent him from spreading nightmares throughout Phantomile and was defeated by Klonea. He is the final boss of both versions of the game, and was unique in being the only boss in the franchise to have three different battle phases.

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