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    Knee Sliding

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    Sliding on one's knees. Can be used to slide under objects. A variant of this is power sliding, which can be used to tactically escape a sticky situation, dodge enemy fire, or decrease range effectively to the enemy.

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    Standard Slide

    The knee sliding mechanic was introduced by Mega Man 3 in 1990. Following Mega Man 3's lead, the knee sliding mechanic has often been used for sliding under objects, through narrow gaps, or under enemy fire.

    Power Slide

    In 2010, Vanquish introduced a new form of knee sliding variously called the power slide, boost slide, or rocket slide, which incorporates rocket boosting and shooting. This new boost slide is often used tactically in various ways, whether to escape from a sticky situation, dodge enemy fire, decrease range effectively to the enemy, quickly move from one cover to the next, slide circles around (or under) an enemy while shooting it, or perform a rocket kick.


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