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    Knife Boots

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    More badass than a mere boot knife, Knife Boots combine the force of kicking with the deadly of stabbing. One UH ought to do it.

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    As Seen In:

    Phantasy Star II

    In PSII the "Knifeboots" are purchasable only in the town of Kueri for 4200 MST, granting a bonus of 7 DEF, 5 AGL, and 7 ATK to Nei and/or Anna. They are the only defensive item in the game that grants an attack stat bonus, but there is no distinct animation to show the boots being used.

    From Russia With Love

    Rosa Klebb is the most iconic SPECTRE agent (along with Morzeny) known for using bladed footwear. Concealed with a switchblade release, the SPECTRE device also makes use of a fast acting 12-second poison, as it is especially difficult to strike vital organs with a kick, at least for shorter agents. Oddly this story is not the source of the predictable 007 pun of "he got the boot".

    Metal Gear Solid 4

    Raiden (who also sports a boot knife) is arguably the master of improvised knife boots, having used two distinct variants in his fight with Vamp. First turning the small throwing knife Vamp thrust through Raiden's instep against him, Raiden leaps up on Vamps chest, then uses his other foot to stomp the blade clean through his own foot and deep into Vamp's torso. Vamp naturally shrugs this off and regains the knife, before returning the attack in kind with his own metal-clawed boots. Raiden is also seen clasping one of his own short knives between his toes, in an inverted sweeping leg attack while perched on his sword.

    Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

    In the teaser trailer, HUNK is seen flicking and kicking a chainsaw plagas' head in with a long blade protruding from his boot. This is not known to be a standard armament for other mercenaries in the RE franchise. With the long animation time for HUNK to perform the attack, the trailer implies that one tactic is to stun an enemy first so that the move is not interrupted. The knife seems to be extended by kinetic force of a wind-up kick, however the video also reveals on close inspection that the knife is extended prior to the wind-up.

    Other Possibilities

    There are really no limits to the utility of knife boots. With the propensity for escalation of armaments during long conflicts, it is perhaps only a matter of time before more uses are seen in popular franchises.


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