Knight Lore

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    An isometric adventure game from Rare Ltd., back when they were still called Ultimate.

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    The player take the role of Sabreman and must find Melkhior the old wizard and various special objects for his magical cauldron, which are scattered across the various screens of the spooky castle in which the game is set. If the player successfully retrieves all of the requested objects within a forty day period, Sabreman will be freed from the curse of Lycanthropy.

    Knight Lore is one of the earliest isometric puzzle adventure games and would begat an entire sub-genre of such games for early western computers. It could be said to have defined the isometric puzzle-based adventure game in the same way as Super Mario 64 defined 3D platformers.

    It was eventually remade for the Famicom Disk System by TOSE and Jaleco with the title Knight Lore: Majou no Ookami Otoko. This version was never released outside of Japan.


    Knight Lore was actually completed before another Ultimate game - Sabre Wulf - but since it was so advanced its release date was delayed in order to not outshine Sabre Wulf.


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