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    Character in Mega Man Battle Network franchise. His operator is Princess Pride.

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    Mega Man Battle Network 2

    Knightman first appeared in the series' second game as a member of Gospel, along with Princess Pride. they infitrated a meeting if the ONBA (Official Net Battlers Association) taking place in Netopia's NetCastle, where she was representing Creamland, her country, and one of the first to be connected to the internet. the meeting was sabotaged, with all of the members falling into traps, including MegaMan, Lan and Chaud. The Princess even faked her own death, and tried to kill off all of the ONBA members. KnightMan and Pride were eventually defeated, with the added irony of Pride, after faking her own death in a trap, fell into one while trying to escape and was hospitalized.

    Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel

    KnightMan returned in Team Colonel with a reformed Pride. they are found on Oran Isle, where Lan and his friends go for a swim on. she is mining for MagnoMetal, which causes KnightMan to go berserk, causing the drills to trigger tremors, which cause Dex, Mayl and Yai to become trapped in a cave. Lan and MegaMan rescue them, stopping the drills and restoring KnightMan. Pride and KnightMan subsequently join the Liberation Team, helping defeat Nebula in Oran Area, and ulitimately the rest of the Internet.

    Liberation Mission Data

    KnightMan doesn't have an outside ability to affect play for the team, but he is impervious to damage between turns. his personal chip allows for him to swing his spikeball to  hit all spaces 1 square around him.

    Knight Soul

    MegaMan in his Knight Soul form.
    MegaMan in his Knight Soul form.

    MegaMan achieves this form by sacrificing a break-type chip, and gains KnightMan's wrecking ball and armour.
    • His buster changes to BallSwing, which has a base damage of 40, increasing by 10 per level.
    • any non-time-stopping normal or break chips used grant MegaMan temporary invincibility during its use.
    • break Chips can be charged with the A Button to do 2x damage.

    Chaos Knight Soul

     MegaMan in Chaos KnightSoul Form.
     MegaMan in Chaos KnightSoul Form.

     MegaMan can activate this mode only in Team Colonel Version. This is done by sacrificing the DarkDrill darkchip. 
    • All the abilities of Knight Soul are the same, except that it only lasts 1 turn, and his charge shot is changed to a 5-hit Dark Drill, which does 100 damage per hit.

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