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This is a growing ranking of games in order to determine the greatest game of all time. If you are interested in the rules or how games are chosen, i would encourage you to read the first blog post on the topic Here


Needless to say, when you have a get together (back in 2018, when the world wasn't gripped with lots of problems) you try and play a plethora of games. For some people these may be the jackbox games, for others maybe its board games, and for others its drinking games. I was excited about the Sony Play games, and since we were already all connected to the same WI-FI for "That's You" it only makes sense to play another game of similar vein: "Knowledge is Power."

Similar in aesthetics to "That's You", I think knowledge is power, has a very striking look to it. Trivia games in general feel that they can get away with a very bland or boring look to them, they figure that people come for the actual trivia, so that can just be text on a colored background and job's done. Characters can be represented by a name in a corner telling you score and then game on. With "Knowledge", the vibe is weird gameshow, you have a physical character representing you, there is a play field that characters move and interact with, even if that is just selecting answers or categories. While this isn't of huge importance, it does make the game much more interesting to "watch" even if we are controlling it offscreen on our phones.

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Welcome to the Thunderdome!

Let's get down to the only thing that really matters in a trivia game, the actual trivia. Now forewarning I did not go through all the trivia in the game, but over the course of time we have probably played 10 games of this with varying levels of people. Trivia is either hit or miss, depending on the category and tends (at least for me and my friends) to be on the easy side. That isn't some sort of humble brag, that is just the facts. Even when I didn't know the question, upon viewing the four choices, I was able to narrow it down to a 50/50 guess at worst, or know it straight out. We did run into repeats of questions during those 10 or so games, but that could be due to randomness, category limits, etc. The game is scored based on the speed at which you answer the question, answer first and get the most points and so forth. While this rewards people flat out knowing the answer, it does mean that if you take your time, as long as you answer correctly, you can stay in the game and hopefully steal a win out at the end.

You could know nothing about the Walking Dead, and still guess that the answer isn't
You could know nothing about the Walking Dead, and still guess that the answer isn't "Bitey Witeys" or "Nibblenecks"

If you are playing this with a big group of friends, you will obviously find one person who is just a bigger trivia nut then the rest, and this game does allow people to even the playing field, by launching "attacks" on other people's phone. Each attack only lasts for one question, and a new one can be handed out in between questions, but it allows people to try and slow down someone who might be running away with the game. Depending on how you feel this can be a fun addition to give everyone a chance to win, or an annoying slowdown in terms of how the game works. Each time you use an attack, an animation plays out that affects the other character, and while there are only 4-5 different attacks, this can get old fast. You also are only given a couple to choose from at any given time, so they are not all unlocked for every question. Each attack affects the other person's phone and you can either scramble up the letters to make the answers harder to understand, force a player to rub off "goop" to reveal answers, or plant bombs that cause the player to freeze upon hitting. In super rare occasions you can play a double or nothing bet where if you get the following answer correct you get double points. I found that usually, everyone is spacing out their attacks between people, and it wont affect timing that much, however if someone is easily leading the pack, and multiple players gang up, this can result in a big delay for that question. Your mileage will vary with these attacks, as knowing the answer is still paramount, and even if someone answers last, but they are the only one who got it right, your attack was meaningless.

All in all I think Knowledge is power is a pretty decent trivia game, in fact I would prefer it to "You don't know Jack" or "Murder Trivia Party", but the big difference here, is that those games are part of a collection, while this is a standalone game. If you are up for only Trivia with friends, all in the same house, then this is a pretty good game to play, but it does have its limits. Much like a warning with "That's You" party games of any variety are either enhanced or hindered based on your friend group.


Is this the Greatest game of all time? No

Ranking 4th out of 4 games.

List so far:

1)Super Mario Bros

2)That's You

3)Simpsons Road Rage

4)Knowledge is Power

Next game up: Blast Corps for the N64

Anyone interested in a video version please see Here, but please excuse the beauty of a 2 year old video.

Thanks for listening

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