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Koal, known as Zak in the European version, is part of a trio of Black Hole henchman serving under Von Bolt in Dual Strike. Like the others, he believes himself to be smarter and classier than his rivals. He is also quite a jerk in conversations and will frequently haze his opposition before and even after combat despite a loss. He plays a role very similar to Adder from Advance Wars 2 and even possesses a similar character style. One thing he does differently is play a full time ego support role for Kindle, praising her whenever she demands it and jumping to her every command.

In-game Description

A CO of the Black Hole Army who is always planning his next destructive act. Adept at making quick decisions, he stores up energy for his CO Power at a faster rate than other COs. He's a master of road-based battles.

Hits: Proverbs, Ramen

Miss: Fondue

Works best in a tag battle with Jugger, but can also be successfully be partnered with Kindle and Adder. Gameplay Effects

Dual Strike

  • 10% firepower bonus on roads.
  • CO Power: Forced March. Three stars. Movement range for all units is increased by one space. Units have a 20% firepower bonus on roads. 10% strength bonus for all units.
  • Super CO Power: Trail of Woe. Five stars. Movement range for all units is increased by two spaces. Units have a 30% firepower bonus on roads. 10% strength bonus for all units.
  • Tag Team Attack Modifiers: Jugger, 110%. Kindle, 105%. Adder, 105%. Rachel, 65%.

Alternate Costume

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All COs, once they have gained enough points to reach level 10, have an Alternate Costume. In Koal's Alternate Costume, he is wearing a red Asian styled vest and a grey long sleeve shirt underneath, with simple black slacks and shoes. He wears his hair in a simpler pony tail, holds his folding fan open, and he wears significantly less face paint.


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