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    Koffing is a poison-type Pokémon first found in Pokémon Red/Blue. Koffing makes guttural sounds of saying its name before emitting a toxic cloud of fumes that poisons opponents, earning it its name.

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    National Pokédex No - #109

    Classification - Poison Gas Pokémon

    Type - Poison

    Ability - Levitate

    Height - 2'00''

    Weight - 2.2 lbs


    Pokémon Mansion (Red, Blue)

    Burned Tower (Gold, Silver, Crystal)

    Fiery Path (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald)

    Pokémon Mansion (Fire Red, Leaf Green)

    Stark Mountain (Platinum)

    Virbank Complex (Black 2, White 2)

    Evolves at: 35

    Evolutionary Chain

    Koffing (level 35) --> Weezing

    Additional Notes and Trivia

    • Koffing's English name was originally going to be Ny, referring to New York's polluted air.
    • The skull-and-crossbones pattern was placed above Koffing's eyes in the US Red and Blue versions as well as the Japanese Blue version, but was moved below his mouth from Yellow version onwards. It's unknown whether this was just a sprite error as the original Japanese Red and Green versions showed the pattern below his mouth also.
    • Koffing is Ryan Davis & Jeff Gerstmann's favourite Pokémon.

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