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A former oil baron, Kombayn rose to power in a bloodless coup, following the assassination of the former president of Georgia. He used his monetary and technological resources to gain control of the country. Although he promoted a pro-western democracy, he had a deep hatred of America and used this facade to cover up his invasion of Azerbaijan and the vast oil fields that it contained. He hired Vyacheslav Grinko, an ex-spetsnaz, and Philip Masse, a Canadian hacker to run his invasion of the oil rich country. He launched a covert military campaign and used complex algorithms to disable satellites and surveillance systems which in turn rendered NATO and the US unable to respond. It was only when third echelon agent Sam Fisher discovered secret records of the operation that the US realized that the once friendly Georgia was in fact deep into the invasion of their ally. American commandos quickly dispatched to Azerbaijan to push out the Georgian forces and subsequently invaded Georgia, this lead Nikoladze into hiding. It is from his secret base of operations that he launched his information warfare against the US, this would be later known as the "Georgian Information Crisis". Nikoladze knew that direct military conflict with America was suicidal and therefore decided to attack it's infrastructure, this included military targets, hospitals and power plants. After being discovered in Asia by Sam Fisher, he fled back to Georgia in order to gain the key to "the Ark", a secret nuclear suitcase bomb already on US soil. He would be assassinated in the office of the newly appointed president by a bullet to the head, fortunately the Ark was never activated and the public would never know of the events that transpired.

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