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    Taking place in Northern Canada during the 1970s, Kona is a surreal first-person adventure that tells the story of Carl Faubert, a private detective who finds himself trapped in a powerful and mysterious snowstorm.

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    1970, Canada, the world is an interesting place. TV Ontario begins broadcasting, The FLQ kidnappers of Pierre Laporte are caught, and Gerald Regan becomes the Premier of Nova Scotia. Yet these events have little impact to the people of rural northern Canada. Northern Canada is in world unto itself. A world with struggles, wars and characters uniquely its own. In that isolated world players take control of Carl Faubert.

    Carl is a war veteran and he carries himself like a man who has been through military training and then had it tested under the rigors of actual battle. Carl doesn’t need the northern air to keep a cool head. He personifies staying cool under pressure. After his military service Carl became a private detective, using his military skills and ability to read people like an issue of “Life Magazine” to solve cases for anyone willing to pay. Carl finds himself on another one of those cases. This time he must travel to the rural Atamipek lake for a client, specifically for a client who is willing to pay a lucrative sum for his troubles. A sum which hints that this job may be not be the typical “Dig up dirt on my wife / husband” his more affluent clients request.

    Carl’s client is a rich copper mine magnate who goes by the name of W. Hamilton. His client has accused Cree community locals who live at Atamipek lake of stealing from his summer home and hunting manor. This is not a farfetched conclusion, since the Crees are no fans of Mr. Hamilton. They claim that he has destroyed sacred lands in the quest to further line his pockets. They say he pilfers the land with no thought of responsibility, only motivated by his further greed. The players will have to guide Carl through this potential powder keg of emotions as they navigate through the deep storytelling and contextual puzzles.


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