Do you think that there is a possibility for a Konami comeback?

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With the successful release of RE2 remake i can't help but imagine how a Silent Hill remake would look like with the technology we have today.

So, i made a quick search over the internet about Konami and i found that they are doing well financially, mainly with sports games and are generating profit, which i believe is the reason why they are still in the gaming market. They, are also preparing an arcade collection to be released this year for their 50th anniversary.

I really think that the question of making a new profitable video game is still being raised in Konami offices today and with Capcom's success with RE2 they might be incited to do an SH or MGS remake. However, will it be enough win over their fans?

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I hope so, regardless of how i feel about the company, they are the only ones who can re-release the Metal Gear Solid series.

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I mean, I’d buy a competently made Silent Hill 1, 2, and 3 remake in a heartbeat. Same goes for the entire Metal Gear Series.

Hell, I’d pay more than I should for proper (proper, not that busted-ass Silent Hill 2-3 remaster) remasters or even just functional ports.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories on Wii was cool, too...

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Considering that Konami’s video game exile is self-imposed - possible? Maybe. Likely? Slim to none.

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My hopes are at best functional ports of MGS and SH, but as of now I don't that will happen. I guess it's not outside the realm of possibility, after all we did get that ZOE 2 remaster fairly recently, but I feel like they would have announced something by now if they planned to do anything else. It's such a shame that the only digitally available Silent Hill game on PC is Homecoming AND that they charge 40 bucks for it too(it does go on sale for 20 during the big sales, but Homecoming is just not worth it).

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@panfoot: True, SH 1-4 all had PC ports but the only way to buy them is through physical form. If you want to buy homecoming, then you can get it at d2d for 5 bucks.!/download-Silent-Hill-Homecoming/5010261

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As far as I know, the only thing stopping Konami from being a good game publisher again is themselves. They have the money, the presence, the manpower, and a treasure trove of beloved IP's.

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I'm more or less over the Kojima thing, but my prediction on Konami being relevant again is a solid "Ha ha ha ha! No." I'm not a Silent Hill or horror guy in general so I don't have a comment for that franchise. But to remake Metal Gear Solid 1, you probably wouldn't need Kojima for that since you could try to combine aspects from the original PlayStation game and Twin Snakes and create a best of both worlds remake with the FOX Engine. But you'd probably need those voice actors again, especially David Hayter, in order for the game to really resonate with long time fans, which I don't see happening since they've most likely moved on as well.

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As much as I'd like a re-release of SH(never played them) and MGS(didn't really play any of those until MGSV). I don't think we'll see them come back to the industry in full force.

Besides SH and MGS, what do they really have that would profit in today's market? The Vania style of game is being refined and reinvented in so many indie games, a lot of which have been widely accepted. I'm sure there's other "treasures" we could point to, but a lot of those would probably be extremely niche and not widely appealing.

Kojima is out of the picutre, so anything new related to MG would probably be lacking(or not, who knows). So on the surface Silent Hill is really their only horse to bet on, which isn't a lot to invest tons of money in with no guaranteed return. In short, no because "investors".

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It's not about whether video games are profitable, it's whether they're worth the risk. The people in charge of Konami right now dont care about releasing quality products so they'd rather make pachinko machines and sports games which are more reliable and risk averse.

Capcom is making a comeback because there are still many people who are passionate about making video games and the company has finally realised (after many blunders) that the fans just want more iterations of their favourite game franchises with better tech, and not to try and make their games appeal to everyone. (which was RE6s problem)

I'm not saying Capcom wont repeat the same mistakes all over again and that it's impossible for Konami to make a comeback but it would take a pretty big change in leadership for either to happen.

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I'm not sure what a "Konami Comeback" means to you, but Konami seems pretty committed to low risk, low investment games and gambling machines. If anything, I could see them leasing the rights to Metal Gear or Silent Hill out to other studios. I don't ever expect them to go back to AAA, big budget games developed in house. I think the best possible outcome right now is they contract something like a Bluepoint Games to remake the older silent hills or metal gears, but even that might be outside their comfort zone.

Edit: Just remembered there was a whole debacle over reusing the old voicework when Konami was making the Silent Hill HD collection so they'll probably never attempt that again.

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#12 Posted by JohnyMyko (1902 posts) -

On the videogames side of the company, I think they'll just keep doing Pro Evolution Soccer and that's about it.

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#13 Posted by Rorie (5921 posts) -

Seeing that huge Konami logo on their building whenever I land in Las Vegas is always a bit of nostalgia. But at this point I'd be surprised at them getting back into gaming - I think their gambling machines are a far greater return on investment than they'll ever see in video games.

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#14 Posted by Relkin (1222 posts) -

I think that apart from PES and the occasional oddity (like MGSurvive), Konami is out of the game. Concerning their greater catalog of IPs, I think the best we can hope for is someone else coming to them to license one of said IPs, if not buy it/them outright.

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#15 Posted by Humanity (19042 posts) -

It would be cool if only for the fact that they have a few good IP's that deserve a second lease on life in the current generation.

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They'll re-release games but they're not going to fire up the oven on anything new unless there's some serious business pull for it. And PES which makes money for them, despite the looming shadow that is FIFA.

I wonder if they'd ever switch to publishing?

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They're going to focus on where they can make even MORE money for even LESS effort, namely gambling. So I don't think they will be getting back into much game development in the near future.

In the meantime, be happy when they license out characters (like Smash and Netflix Castlevania), and hope they lease out their franchises to other game studios or port studios.

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@relkin said:

I think that apart from PES and the occasional oddity (like MGSurvive), Konami is out of the game. Concerning their greater catalog of IPs, I think the best we can hope for is someone else coming to them to license one of said IPs, if not buy it/them outright.

They also have Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball which is doing well but it is Japan-only.

It would be cool if Kojima does what Yu Suzuki did with Shenmue and get Metal Gear :)

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I think the occasional arcade or remaster / port release is small potatoes compared to what they were at the time. They also killed Silent Hills and MGSV was blowing up mid-production, and both of those happened in 2015; about 3 and a half years ago. The last release in that vein was Metal Gear Survive, which was a swing and a miss. I had to explain to my brother about how that game existed and was totally not a joke. (I actually had to pull up a trailer on YouTube)

I'm not sure if they are in the position for a comeback, with a RE2 style remake of one of their classic games, or if they are even interested in that. Never say never, but it seems unlikely.

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I think the only way we see another big budget game out of them is another shot at an "always online" game like Survive, and that is something I do not want to see.

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#21 Posted by Shindig (4984 posts) -

@relkin said:

I think that apart from PES and the occasional oddity (like MGSurvive), Konami is out of the game. Concerning their greater catalog of IPs, I think the best we can hope for is someone else coming to them to license one of said IPs, if not buy it/them outright.

They also have Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball which is doing well but it is Japan-only.

It would be cool if Kojima does what Yu Suzuki did with Shenmue and get Metal Gear :)

Would it? The fiction peaked in 3 and he spent a decade spinning his wheels trying to retcon everything.

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I would say that Konami is actually doing better than some of the other big AAA publishers but then again they release like 1 game a year.

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Anything's possible but Konami seems to have just about completely lost interest in being a quality gaming company so I wouldn't count on it.

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Konami makes too much money from Pachinko and gyms for them to care about getting back into gaming, especially with all the ill will they've accumulated there.

If anything, if they're ever hard for money, they'll start selling IPs. Which I feel is the best outcome for us as consumers.

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@shindig: Shooting from the hip, I’d say MGS confidently boarded the amazingly-silly-bullshit train early in MGS2 when Ocelot’s magic arm possessed him (or not!), and never looked back.

EDIT: Or did Snake take a break from saving the world from a nuclear threat to masturbate to bikini photos in lockers in MGS1?

I love Metal Gear, but the entire MGS run was super silly, even if it had some great self-serious moments.

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Yeah but ... there's silly and then there's stopping the bad guys who cured cancer and achieved world peace (MGS4), the peace loving schoolgirl who goes, "FUCK PEACE!" when she learns the death cult have a nuclear equipped robot (Peace Walker) and then the powerful psychic child who can rip viruses out of your neck without you even noticing (MGSV).

I'm getting old, man. It's harder to overlook. Even knowing what Kojima did with the keys to Konami, him courting del Toro, Reedus, Mikkelsen and Wagner makes me wonder how much this is going to cost Sony to front. As an aside, I'm playing Revengeance for the first time. I wonder just how much Konami is in that because, boy, this is good Platinum.

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Never aay never because i remember the state capcom was in not so long ago, and look at them now. But they never seemed as flippent as konami did about the game industry so probs not

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@nutter: to be honest i like MGS more when it feels like Kojima is having fun with it more than when it feels like he is being serious with it that is why my ranking is MGS1 > MGS4 > MGS PW > MGS 2 > MGS3 > MGSV

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@giant_gamer: I like it all...I just wish I could get MGS1-4 that played more like V. I actually think MGS4 plays pretty well. It’s not MGSV, but it works for the game that it is.

MGS1-3 are really fun, cool, and inventive, but I’d rather play them on easy to just soak in the ridiculous (in all the best and worst ways) story.

MGS4 might be my favorite. It’s so self serious, everything is so convoluted, and it wraps it all up in style, even if it twists itself into grotesque positions to justify the fiction. I know it’s more movie than gameplay, but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, even if I was laughing at the game, with the game, or at my own enthusiasm.

Also, the Metal Gear Solid 4 spoilercast is one of my very favorite things Giant Bomb has ever done. Jeff and Ryan talking about that final boss fight is everything that’s right about this site.

V had the worst story by far, but it played great!

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I just look at Konami as a test for how Activision might go. They've got such a narrow output at the moment. The key difference between the two is how Activision don't really have any fingers in other pies. Activision might become more of a publisher but they have so many studios under their wing that need projects to work on. Konami have diversified in a way that we only see in Japan.

If Activision's output doesn't bring it in any more, they could find themselves looking to publishing more.

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@nutter: Oh, no mention of MGS:PW?

It has the closest gameplay mechanics to MGSV and has in my opinion one of the best boss fights for a stealth game which are the armored vehicles fights. Beating them without being detected is really fun and will reward you with an armored vehicle with full health. You can get it on PS3 or Xbox 360 but too bad we didn't get a PC release.

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