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    Kongol is from the race of the Gigantos in The Legend of Dragoon. He is the powerhouse of the party.

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    Kongol is the strong, silent, and intimidating member of the party in The Legend of Dragoon. Kongol is the last of his race, called Gigantos, and has been the last since the Giganto village was attacked by soldiers when he was just a child.

    Kongol starts out in the game as an enemy, being the main force in the siege on a military outpost that Dart and Lavitz are helping to protect. It takes the power of the Red Dragoon to stop Kongol. He retreats, and later shows up to fight the party in the castle of Emperor Doel. Once again defeated, he decides to return to his native land, where he ends up saving Dart and the party's lives when they pass by. He joins their cause, wanting to have friends and gain more strength like they have.

    Kongol wields axes, which, along with his extremely large amounts of physical strength, make for serious damage on enemies. His additions are generally short, only a few hits each, however they are deadly. He only has 3 additions, where most other characters have 6 or 7.

    Kongol is the character chosen by the Gold Dragoon spirit, though he can get it two different ways. Upon visiting Lohan with Kongol, a merchant offers to sell the jewel for 1,000 gold pieces. If you pass, Kongol will get the stone from his dead brother Indora in the Moon.


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