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    Koopa Cape

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    The 2nd course of the Star Cup in Mario Kart Wii. It is also the 10th course of the entire game and it's Koopa Troopa's favorite course. In Mario Kart 7, it's a retro course.

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    The course as it returns in Mario Kart 7.
    The course as it returns in Mario Kart 7.

    Koopa Cape is Koopa Troopa's course in Mario Kart Wii and is also the 2nd track of the game's Star Cup.

    The course itself feature a slightly varied terrain that can be broken up into three segments: A cliffside, a stream that cuts through a forest, and an underwater tunnel, respectively. The track also returns in Mario Kart 7 as a retro course in the Lightning Cup.

    Track Layout

    Koopa Troopa begins the race at his course with a rocket start!
    Koopa Troopa begins the race at his course with a rocket start!

    The race starts off at the bottom, near a cliffside.

    When Lakitu's Start Signal turns green, all drivers must drive to the top of the cliff while avoiding hazards like pits and Goombas along the way.

    Once the drivers reach the top, they enter the second part of the course; the stream. Drivers that opt not to go into the stream may choose to perform stunts along the way, though being in the stream will give vehicles some extra speed.

    Item Boxes are scattered around these parts: Some flow along with the current, others are stationary.

    Giant structures that resemble koopa shells are also stationed here,

    housing Item boxes and acting as small tunnels.

    Unagis and Cheep-Cheeps swimming about.
    Unagis and Cheep-Cheeps swimming about.

    Eventually drivers will reach the end of the stream, whereupon they'll drive off a waterfall and into a big pipe leading to an underwater tunnel.

    Water flows through parts of the tunnel, speeding up vehicles as the stream did before. Drivers must however watch out for electric hazards that will shrink drivers if they're hit.

    Aquatic wildlife is prominent, and can easily be spotted through the transparent glass.

    Both Unagis and Cheep-Cheeps can be seen swimming in the crystal clear water.

    Near the end of the tunnel, the drivers gain speed and blast out, via another pipe, back to mainland.

    From there on, it's only a swing to the right and a drive along by the cliffside again until the drivers cross the finishing line and proceed with the next lap.


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