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    Koopa Kid

    Character » appears in 7 games

    One of the Mario Party characters that made his debut in Mario Party 5 as a playable character.

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    Meet Koopa Kid. A character that appears in the Mario Party series. He made his Mario Party playable character appearance in Mario Party 5 as a friend but in Mario Party 7, he has his very own space named the Koopa Kid Space. During his appearance in Mario Party 4, he tells the rules to the Bowser minigames and steal coins from the player when someone lands on a Bowser Space. He appears to be friendly to Brighton and Twila in Mario Party 6. In the Advance version, he appears as Bowser's minion in various minigames. Mario Party 7 also does the same thing but during the game's final 4 turns, he tells the standings to Bowser.


    • Mario Party: In the original Mario Party, he is known as Baby Bowser. He appears in the Eternal Star board where players can hit Dice Blocks in order to get stars but you still have to pay 20 coins.
    • Mario Party 2: In the 2nd game, he gives the player 5 coins for passing his space. Also, he runs the Bowser Parade in the Bowser Land board and sometimes, he runs the Item Shop and the Bowser Bank.
    • Mario Party 3: In Mario Party 3, he runs the Item Shop and also, as a hazard in Item Minigames.
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      Koopa Kid as seen in Mario Party 4. Mario Party 4: Mario Party 4 is the next game that Koopa Kid appears in. If someone lands on the Bowser Space, then he'll come in and take coins from everyone. He also tells the rules of the Bowser minigames to the players and he also runs the Bowser's Gnarly Party board.
    • Mario Parties 5 & 6: In Mario Party 5, Koopa Kid became a playable character for the first time in the series and in the next game, he remains as a playable character. There are also 3 Koopa Kids that appear in these 2 games. Their names are Red Koopa Kid, Blue Koopa Kid, and Green Koopa Kid.
    • Mario Party Advance: In the Advance version, he appears sometimes on the Shroom City board and as Bowser's minion.
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      Koopa Kids as seen in Mario Party 7. This is his last appearance in the series so far. Mario Party 7: In his last Mario Party appearance, he has his own space named the Koopa Kid Space and in addition, he also appeared as obstacles in all 3 Multiplayer Bowser Minigames: Funderwall!, Magmagical Journey!, and Funstacle Course!. Also in Mario Party 7, he tells the game's current standings to Bowser in the Last 4 Turns!

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