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    Koudelka Iasant

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    Koudelka Iasant is a character in the Shadow Hearts franchise. She has super-natural powers, including visions and telepathy.

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    Koudelka Iasant (also known as Yasant) is the title character and main protagonist of the Playstation game Koudelka. She also is the title character in the anime comic of the same name and has a small but pivotal role in Shadow Hearts.


    Koudelka's name comes from the Czech photogrpaher, Josef Koudelka, who is famous for his works depicting Romani gypsies.


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    Koudelka was born in Abergynolwyn Wales somewhere between 1879, to a poor gypsy family. As a young child occult events happened everywhere she went which frightened both her family and fellow villagers.

    At the age of 9 she successfully predicted her father's death. Being fearful of her powers her mother failed in an attempt to kill her, but shunning her other family members began to say she was possessed and banished her from the village.

    Later, that same year Koudelka was found in London, England by a physic medium. She adopted Koudelka as her daughter and helped her tune her physic powers until 1891 when she too passed away.

    Koudelka spent her early teenage years travelling the country earning money via prostitution and acting as a medium for people who wanted to communicate with the spirit world.

    In 1898, Koudelka, now aged 19, heard a cry for help from a mysterious spirit asking her to travel to Aberystwyth, Wales to the Nemeton Monastery. This is where the Video Game Koudelka begins.


    Quite Early on in the first game, Koudelka meets Edward Plunkett, who's life she saves by healing him with her gypsy powers. Together they travel through the Nemeton Monastery developing a closer relationship as the game progresses.

    Once they leave the Monastery, Koudelka and Edward spend the remainder of the night together in a tent, before they go there separate ways and Edward leaves for America.

    Through Shadow Heart it is revealed that Koudelka and Edward had a Son, named Halley who also shares Koudelka's powers.

    Post Koudelka Game

    After Nemeton Monastery, Koudelka used her powers again healing others around the country. This got the attention of Albert Simon who used the Inquisition to kidnap Koudelka and her son as he planned to use them in his own scheme. As the kidnapping was taking place Halley Brankett tried to save her but was pushed away by his mother. This left him resentful of her for a time.

    Under Inquisition guard, Koudelka was taken to the Calios Mental Hospital. It was here that she learned of Albert Simon's plans and attempted to foil them. Due to being imprisoned in the hospital, Koudelka used her powers to communicate with Yuri Hyuga, who she led around the world to stop Albert's plans.

    Non Canon Anime comic

    Anime Comic Cover
    Anime Comic Cover

    An alternative to the events post Koudelka Game and during Shadow hearts is the events of the Manga comic book Series, also titled Koudelka.

    This Story follows Koukelda Yasant, who has just escaped from a lunatic asylum in london, and discovers a mysterious society has been kidnapping prostitutes and she intends to find out why.

    The comics contain 15 parts and 1 epilogue over 3 volumes. In this version of the story line she is an assassin, has longer hair prior to it being cut by The Asian Man, and announces her last name as Yasant. Although in this series she reunites with Roger from the game and references Edward.

    Koudelka's role in Shadow Hearts

    Using Yuri Hyuga to foil Albert's plans via her psycic powers, Koudelka takes the role of mcguffin in the game, with her voice being heard during sections to steer the plot.

    Her main part in this game comes when she tries to calm down her son, Halley, so he doesn't destroy Albert's mansion. She is again taken provisioner sacrificing herself to save her son and taken to a temple. Later she hides in London at the London Rats hiding place.

    Post Shadow Hearts

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    Koudelka doesn't appear in any of the subsiquent games, but is mentioned in narration that Her and Halley travelled to America to try and find Edward.


    Koudelka's powers include Mediumship (contacting the dead), Precognition (See events before they happen), Reverse Possession (Allowing the dead to take control of her body), Telepathy (Mind Reading), Telekinesis (Manipulate Objects with her mind), Psychokinesis (Set things on fire with her mind) and Hydromancy (controlling water).

    In addition to these she can also heal peoples wounds which allowed her to bring Edward back to life in the opening cut scene of the game and has healing abilities to use in battle.


    Young, not formally educated but streetwise, Koudelka acts in a mature way but can sometimes be snide and hold contempt. She has a bleak outlook on things, but occasionally usually in the company of Edward or her son shows a softer side.

    She sticks up for people being discriminated against and underdogs. Being a Pagan, she doesn't believe in God.

    Upon the events of Shadow hearts, Koudelka has grown older and becomes a caring and wise mother. She also appears to believe in God and care for the sick. This is attributed to the events in the later part of Koudelka Game

    Voice Actor

    Koudelka was voiced in both Koudelka and Shadow Hearts by Vivianna Bateman.


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