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    Kraken is a walking, talking, huge humanoid with octopus-like features. He is a melee strength hero in Heroes of Newerth.

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    A predator of the high-seas, Kraken brought down whole ships indiscriminately, dragging his victims to the bottom of the ocean before feasting on them. What he was promised (if anything) is unclear, but he fights for the hellbourne side in the time of heroes.
    Octopus-like but definitely not an octopus, Kraken has a sturdy skeleton under his skin and a pirate-like accent and attitude. He uses a large anchor attached to a metal chain as a weapon and can summon large amounts of water at his whim.
    Some of his most notable unit reactions are: "what killings to be done", "I don't belong to you, boy", "gotta love these tentacles" and the mandatory "release the kraken!"


    Kraken is an Initiator. He is essentially defined by his ultimate, which can teleport the whole enemy team to a location where his teammates await with their most powerful spells ready.



    Kraken hits his target with amazing strength, damaging even nearby opponents. A low mana-cost, spammable skill.

    Tsunami Charge

    Kraken charges into the enemy heroes riding a wave of sea water, damaging and pushing aside anyone in his path.

    Tidal Pull

    Enemy heroes around Kraken feel heavier, slowing them down considerably.


    He summons 2 massive whirpools out of nowhere, riding one into a group of enemies. After a few seconds, anyone caught in the second whirpool is spit to the first one.

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