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Krem Quay is the third world explored in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest on the SNES. Once the port for Crocodile Isle, the area has been reduced to a swamp filled with bramble vines, oil tanker spills, and a ship ripped in half.
Bramble Blast, a fan favorite level, appears in Krem Quay.
Bramble Blast, a fan favorite level, appears in Krem Quay.
The area makes a return in Donkey Kong Land 2 on the GameBoy, but is fused with Crocodile Cauldron and is renamed Krem Cauldron.  
Barrel Bayou, Glimmer's Galleon (the only level that contains the appearance of the Animal Buddy Glimmer the Anglerfish), Krockhead Klamber, Rattle Battle, Slime Climb, and Bramble Blast are the names of hte levels in this area. The boss fight is     against Kudgel.

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