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    Kremlings consist of all manor of reptilian foe encountered across the Donkey Kong Country series, as well as a few friendly ones.

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    Kremlings hail from an island not far off the coast of DK Island known as Crocodile Isle. Outside of their island of origin however, they seem to have numerous settlements spead across DK Island and the Northern Kremisphere region, particularly after the destruction of their home in Donkey Kong Country 2 . Kremling Settlements tend to either industrial, or transparent, ranging from Kremkrok Incorperated, Inc. in the upper reaches of DK Island, to the barebones settlements at Lake Orangatanga, which consists of a few Mills and boardwalks. Outside of the all or nothing approach to housing and industry, there are Kremling Ruins with a Mayan flavor all over the lower areas of DK Island and a full city of Kremlings.

    Kremlings have somewhat of a rivalry with the Kong Family, which started in Donkey Kong Country when K. Rool, their leader, decided he wanted a ton of bananas and ordered his armies to steel them from Donkey Kong. After which, Donkey and Diddy followed a trail of bananas to his vessel, the Gangplank Galleon, and reclaimed their stash. After that the focus shifted to stealing members of the Kong family in order to secure the return of the bananas, thought that never quite panned out because some combination of Kongs would identify themselves and play the heroes. Interestingly, in Donkey Kong Country 3 the Kremling armies were under the impression that they rebelled from K. Rool and were following a new leader named KAOS after they got tired of an obsesion for waging war with Kongs, however KAOS was merely a pupet used by K. Rool to command his armies, and was in fact powered by captive Kongs. From that point on however they followed K. Rool with the exception of Donkey Kong Land III.


    Kremlings come in many varieties of skin tone, shape and millitary fuction. Some stand errect, others on all fours. Some wield giant cannons or bazookas, others just walk towards Kongs at an even pace. Equipment seems to be given out based on the shape of the Kremling in question, making their army's classes distinct from other classes yet indistinct from each other.


    In the original Donkey Kong Country as well as Donkey Kong Land, Kremlings were dressed with a sort of mix of Millitary wear and Roman Armour. However, in later games the Kremling standard of dress changed to some extent, the most notable being in Donkey Kong Country 2, where all the Kremlings were required to dress up as pirates, Donkey Kong Country 3 where all Kremlings didn't wear anything unless you count an emphasis on big technical weapons in certain classes, and DK64 where all the kremlings were dressed casually. Whether this was done on orders from K. Rool to match his new costumes or whether that's just how they roll is unknown.

    Other Appearances

    Kritters serve as the goalies in both Mario Strikers games
    Kritters serve as the goalies in both Mario Strikers games

    Kremlings have appeared in a few Mario Sports games, serving as goalies in the Strikers Series and all purpose team members in a Mario Superstar Baseball, as well as a few background appearances in the Smash Bros series and Mario Power Tennis.

    Notable Kremlings

    King K. Rool





    K. Lumsy



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