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 Kricketune in the Anime
 Kricketune in the Anime
National Pokedex No. # 402 
Species: Cricket Pokemon 
Type: Bug 
Ability: Swarm 
Height: 3'03" 
Weight: 56.2 lbs 
                    Routes 206, 210, 212, 214, 215 and Trophy Garden (Diamond and Pearl
                    Route 206, Valor Lakefront and Trophy Garden (Platinum
                    National Park (HG and SS)   

Females are differentiated from males for their shorter "mustache". 

Evolutionary Line 

Kricketune evolves from a Kricketot starting at level 10. 

Pokedex Entry

  • Diamond: It crosses its knifelike arms in front of its chest when it cries. It can compose melodies ad lib. 
  • Pearl: It signals its emotions with its melodies. Scientists are studying these melodic patterns. 
  • Platinum: There is a village that host a contest based on the amazingly variable cries of this Pokemon. 
  • HeartGold/SoulSilver: By allowing its cry to resonate in the hollow of its belly, it produces a captivating sound.

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