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    Kristoph was a respected and calm defense attorney, and mentor to the up and comer, Apollo Justice. He makes his first appearance in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Due to his calmness during trials, he has been nicknamed as "The Coolest Defense in the West".

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    Kristoph was a well known and respected defense attorney in the Ace Attorney series. He was the head of Gavin & Co. Law Offices with his brother, Klavier Gavin


    Kristoph was first seen in the game Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. He was the mentor of rookie defense attorney Apollo Justice, and was still the head of Gavin & Co. Law Offices.  
    His first incident was before the trial of Zak Gramarye, a famous magician who was part of "Troupe Gramarye". Zak was accused of murdering his father, Magnifi Gramarye, and he asked for Kristoph to play poker with him. This was a test for attorneys to see if they were trusted. Kristoph was hoping to win because the prosecutor for this particular trial was his brother, Klavier Gavin.  Kristoph lost, and Zak did not hire him. He then asked Phoenix Wright to play poker. Phoenix won, and was hired. 
    Kristoph was infuriated when he heard the news of Zak's new attorney. Kristoph always thought of Phoenix as being a lower class. He formed a plan to take down Phoenix. 
    The plan was to hire a forger, Drew Misham, to make a piece of evidence that would have solved the mystery. The evidence was the next page of Magnifi's will, which would have been a crucial piece of information. Kristoph asks for the forgery, and tells his brother that Phoenix was going to present forged evidence, and also told him the person to call to the witness stand when he did present. Klavier did not know that Kristoph was the person who asked for this forgery to be created. 
    The next day before the trial, Kristoph gave the evidence to Zak's daughter, Trucy, who was told to give it to Phoenix. Phoenix though the evidence would win the case, and presented it. Klavier knew what the paper was, so he asked for the trial to stop, and for Drew Misham to testify. Klavier presented the forgery to Drew, asking if he created this. Drew confirmed this, and Phoenix was thereby disbarred.   

    Seven years later, during the first case of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, former defense attorney Phoenix Wright was accused of murdering a man by the name of Shadi Smith. Through most of the trial, Kristoph was helping Apollo learn the basics of trials, but eventually, Phoenix claims Kristoph was at the scene of the crime the night of the murder. After testifying about that night, Phoenix and Apollo worked together to find the truth. In the end, Kristoph Gavin was found guilty of murder. 
    Months after being found guilty, Kristoph was again summoned for a trial, which was the murder of Drew Misham. Drew's daughter, Vera, was the accused party, as she was the only one who lived with him, and Drew never left the house. It was thought that she poisoned his coffee, but after investigating, a letter was found in a drawer. The letter said: "Dear Mr. Misham, I've deposited the $100,000 in the designated account. Please send a receipt once you've confirmed the transfer. Sign the papers and send in the enclosed envelope with the enclosed stamp within 3 days. I need not remind you to speak of this to no one." The stamp was a picture of the "Troupe Gramarye", whom Vera loved. She kept the stamp enclosed in a frame for years. Eventually, Drew found the letter and the only stamp he had was that one. 
    The stamp was sprayed to detect any atroquinine, a poison that was used to kill Drew. The stamp had drops of the poison on it, and Drew died within minutes of licking the stamp, while being interviewed by journalist Spark Brushell. 
    Phoenix, after searching Kristoph's jail cell, had found a copy of that letter, which only meant that Kristoph indeed wrote the letter sent to Drew. That also meant he poisoned the stamp, murdering Drew Misham. As it turned out in the end, Kristoph was the real murderer, not Vera. However, in addition to killing Drew, he almost killed Vera using fingernail polish. When she became nervous during the trial, she bit on her fingernails, and the fingernail polish she used, which was a present from Kristoph, had atroquinine, the same poison used to kill Drew. The poison, however, was barely short of killing her. In the end, Kristoph was found guilty by the jury.

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