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Basic Info

Added During the Gold Rush Update, The Kritzkrieg works the same way as the default Medi gun as far as healing goes but it trades the normal invincible Ubercharge for a stream of critical attacks from whoever you are healing.

The charge for the Kritzkrieg builds up 25% faster than the Medigun, and also goes at double the normal rate when you are healing someone who is not fully overhealed.

The Kritzkrieg's taunt has the medic huffing out of the medigun, which will heal him for 10 hp. Not much, but for a taunt it's pretty nice, and can potentially save you from burning to death.

How to Unlock


x1 Class Token - Medic + x1 Slot Token - Secondary + x1 Scrap Metal = Krtizkrieg


Automatically given to players that obtain 16 Medic Achievements

Can also be Dropped and Purchased in Mann Co. Store

Additional Info

Tradeable: Yes

Giftable: Yes

Nameable: Yes

Giftable: Yes

Useable in Medieval Maps: No

Mann Co. Store Price: $1.99 / £1.29 / 1.99€


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