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Based on the movie from 1983, directed by Peter Yates. In the game, players control Prince Colwyn and go through various places from the movie, following the story of the movie. The first level is the wedding. Next is the Iron Desert. Third is the lair of the Widow of the Web. After that, players have another level in the Iron Desert. The final level is the Black fortress. When players finally beat the game, the game resets at a higher difficulty.

Arcade Version

An arcade version of Krull was released in 1983, programed by Matt Householder and Chris Krubel. About 2500 cabinets were produced, and the art was created by Terry Doerzaph.

Gameplay differed in the arcade version, and it was split into events:

  • First event: The player is tasked with picking up the five pieces of their weapon
  • Second event: The player is tasked with shooting slayers, as well as rescuing their army in preparation for the next event
  • Third event: The player is tasked with picking up their army and leading them to the hexagon
  • Fourth event: The player is tasked with breaking down the wall of the hexagon so they and their army may move in
  • Fifth event: The player is tasked with Saving Princess Lyssa, while avoiding her captor and his fireballs

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