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    Kula Diamond

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    Kula Diamond is a character from The King of Fighters franchise. Kula was created by NEST to serve as the Anti-K. She betrayed NEST and is now friends with K

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     Kula Diamond debuted in The King of Fighters 2000 as a sub-boss. She was created by the NESTS cartel to be the "Anti- K'" and shares a similar fighting style to him; however, she is unique in that she uses cryokinesis instead of pyrokinesis. She is 14 years old but has a very childlike demeanor, so she is watched over by Diana, Foxy and her android "sister," Candy Diamond.

    Fighting Style

    Kula shares a few techniques with K', but otherwise has her own distinctive moveset. Nearly all of her moves involve her cryokinetic powers.
    • One Inch: Like K', Kula can perform Bruce Lee's famous One Inch Punch as a command move. It's a Counter Wire, meaning that if the enemy is attacking while hit with this move, they will be bounced off of the side of the screen.
    • Slider Shoot: Another command move, in which Kula sits and slides a short distance.
    • Critical Ice: A third command move. Kula creates a small orb which generates icicles.
    • Diamond Breath: Kula blows a gust of ice at the enemy which travels downward.
    • Crow Bites: An anti-air move inherited from K'. She performs an icy uppercut, traveling forward a great distance with the Heavy version of the move.
        • Ray Spin: Kula does a twirling kick that travels at an arc. It has two followups: Stand, in which she fires an icy projectile with her feet, and Sit, in which she slides forward on the ground, similar to Slider Shoot.
        • Counter Shell: A counter move, in which Kula slashes, leaving a trail of ice. If Kula catches a fireball, she returns fire with a projectile of her own.
        • Diamond Edge: During this DM, Kula creates a tower of ice in front of her that is angled forward. It serves a similar function as Terry's Power Geyser. The SDM version of the moves creates three towers back to back.
        • Freeze Execution: Often her strongest move. Diana appears in front of Kula and charges forward, launching the enemy into the air if she connects; Kula then unleashes an icy gust, covering the entire screen. The full screen attack is weaker than those used by many of the series' bosses, and in The King of Fighters XI, XIII and Maximum Impact 2 Kula won't perform the attack if Diana misses or is blocked.
        • La Cachola: Exclusive to The King of Fighters 2002 and Unlimited Match. It is an aerial move which sends Kula slowly floating to the ground. If it connects with the opponent, she and her caretakers strike a pose as the opponent's super meter is reduced.
        • Freeze Completion: Her HSDM in The King of Fighters 2002 and Unlimited Match. Kula performs One Inch, and if she connects, she, Foxy, Diana, and Candy perform a combination attack against the opponent.
        • Neo Freeze Execution: Her NeoMax from The King of Fighters XIII. Foxy dashes at the opponent. If she connects, the enemy is launched into the air; there, she and Diana take turns running through the opponent before Kula unleashes a rainbow-colored gust.

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