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A very underrated game 0

Kung fu chaos is a fighting game (as if you couldn't tell by the name)A very fun fighting game with good single player and awsome fun multiplayer . lets start with the single player shall we? In the single player you can play as any character That is unlocked instead of having to just play one character over and over again Which makes it have some replay value for the single player there is a story ( I think ) if there is a story its basically just you trying to get on the road to fame by comple...

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Kung Fu Chaos 0

Brief OverviewThis title is pretty awesome. It's so awesome I might even consider it to be one of the best titles ever on the original xbox. Although it is no Halo or Ninja Gaiden (>< What am I even saying?!?!? Halo is an FPS and Ninja Gaiden is a hack and slash action adventure...), it is its own little thing amd that's awesome.The characters, however, are horrendous looking (with the exception of Ninja Fu Hiya and Master Sho Yu). But again, I'm okay about the ugly looking characters beca...

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