Apparently this game sucks

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#1 Posted by alternate (2823 posts) -

according to this review - first one I have seen.

In Short: Not only the worst PlayStation Move game but probably the worst motion-controlled title ever. Riding through traffic on a real chair would be more entertaining.

Pros: The idea sounds like it would be quite fun if it were an ultra cheap download or a mini-game in some other title. (And it had a completely different control system.)

Cons: Comically awful control system that combines the very worst of motion controls with a horrendously overcomplicated set of inputs. Everything else.

Score: 1/10 

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I played a preview build of it a few months back. 
It's not that bad, but after I played it once, I never felt the urge to ever play it again. It would be nice if it was a tie in demo. As a full game, it is not only a failure, but a flopped proof of concept

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#3 Posted by alternate (2823 posts) -
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there have been a few less than positive twitter comments about the game as well... 

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Hmm, it looks pretty fun from what I've seen of it. Don't see why anyone would choose to play as the dude though, given the female character's assets.

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#6 Posted by ShaneDev (1702 posts) -

It looks like a "hey I threw this together in 5 minutes to test out the move controller" kinda game but I have yet to play it and probably never will.

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It certainly looks it. If it was a downloadable game making such a game would be understandable but making it a disk game is absurd.

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#8 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

I saw the video here on GB.
It's in the line of Wiisports and more of that simple but fun for a party genre.

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#9 Posted by HandsomeDead (11853 posts) -

As a $5 DLC game, it would have been fine but for what it is, it's a waste of money.

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#10 Posted by ShawnS (319 posts) -

I just got the game recently for about $3 and at that price it is definitely a good bit of fun. It really, really, really should've been a downloadable from the start. It would've helped the load times and the just-one-quick-run approachability. The controls are screwy and maybe not so natural but once you do get hold of things it can be pretty technical and rewarding to pull off a flawless run. Just throwing in my thoughts since I finally got around to finishing the game.

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