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    Kunimitsu is a character from NAMCO's Tekken series. Formerly a member of Yoshimitsu's Manji posse, Kunimitsu is known as "The Cat Devil".

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    Kunimitsu was first introduced in Tekken, and she returned for Tekken 2 and the non-canonical Tekken Tag Tournament. It is unknown what happens of Kunimitsu after Tekken 2, although some speculate that she was killed by Yoshimitsu towards the end of the second tournament. Ogre / True Ogre has some of her moves in Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament. This implies that she was attacked by Ogre. In her Tekken Tag Tournament ending, she is seen striking and defeating Yoshimitsu, proving her dislike of him.

    Tekken 1

    She was a former member of the Manji clan of ninjas whose leader was Yoshimitsu. She would later lose her japanese identity when joining the clan to uphold her anonymity. Upon joining the clan she was taught the skills of the stealth knife at the "Jujutau", the Manji ninja schools. She would stay with the clan, until she was forced to leave after the discovery of several thefts of the clans funds. After leaving, she would later train to become a mechanic, mending air conditioners.

    Her attempt to steal a Native American treasure, lead to her meeting with her enemy Michelle Chang. She then went into hiding because of the fear of the vengeful Chang.

    Tekken 2

    Kunimitsu found solace with her grandfather, who would later inform Kunimitsu that Yoshimitsu's sword is a relic of unimaginable value. It was handed down through the Manji clan, and it had the power to sever an enemy, both spiritually and mentally. The sword is exchanged once a new leader is elected. Kunimitsu's grandfather has spent his life trying to forge out a copy of the sword. Kunimitsu then decides to enter The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2 in order to defeat Yoshimitsu and retrieve the sword so that her grandfather finally can forge out a copy of the sword before his death.

    Tekken Tag Tournament

    She appeared in the non canonical Tekken Tag Tournament. She uses the costumes worn in Tekken 2, along with a new costume which has striking similarities with the outfits used by Taki from Soul Calibur.

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    She appears for the first time since the first Tekken Tag Tournament as a pre-order exclusive, but was later unlocked in a title update for free.


    She appeared in the non canonical Tekken Tag

    She can be obtained in Soul Calibur 3 by creating her in the "Create-A-Soul" option.

    In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection by being modified, Yoshimitsu can be made to look like Kunimitsu.


    She shares a lot of moves along with Yoshimitsu. She however tends to focus more on teleportation and the use of unblockable attacks. Many of her moves are used along with the dagger that she uses.


    • Kunimitsu was thought to be a male in Tekken, as her voice was exactly the same as Yoshimitsu's and her whole body and face were covered. In Tekken 2, she's revealed to be female.
    • Kunimitsu's name written in kanji is "州光". Kunimitsu's name translated into English is "State light".
    • In the first Tekken, Kunimitsu wielded two daggers or two sickles, depending on her outfit, but was not able to attack with them. In later installments, she only wielded a single dagger (regardless of outfit), but was able to use it in several unblockables.
    • Kunimitsu's hair in Tekken 1, Tekken 2 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is red. However, in Tekken Tag Tournament, it's dark brown.
    • Kunimitsu was a member of the Manjito Crime Syndicate until she stole for her own interest, resulting on her excommunication.
    • In Tekken 2 she was suspected in stealing from Michelle Chang's tribe for Kazuya. Though it was revealed that she stole for herself.
    • In Tekken Tag Tournament 1 and 2, half of her face is visible.

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