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Kunio-kun no Dodge Ball da yo: Zenin Shuugo ("It's Kunio's Dodgeball: Assemble Everyone!") is a Kunio-kun dodgeball game and the sequel to the NES/Famicom game Super Dodge Ball. Kunio and his team competes with various other squads in unusual arenas, including one suspended on a net above a forest. The goal, as always, is for the player to take out the other team by hitting them with the dodgeball, and avoiding or catching the dodgeball when it is thrown back at them.

Kunio-kun no Dodge Ball da yo: Zenin Shuugo is the second Super Famicom game featuring the Kunio characters; the first was the brawler Shodai: Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun. The next Kunio-kun dodgeball game was Super Dodge Ball for the Neo-Geo, which was also the final Kunio-kun game Technos Japan ever made.

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