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    The hot blooded namesake of the Kunio-kun games. He's named after the former president of Technos Japan, Kunio Taki.

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    The protagonist of the Kunio-kun games. He's a high-school punk from Nekketsu High who goes around with his friend Riki fighting punks from other schools and gangs, as well as compete against them in various sporting events. Although, being punks, the events tend to feature lots of unsportsmanlike violence.


    There have been several changes to Kunio's character, when he's been brought overseas:

    • In the Japanese games he almost always dons his signature white school uniform, but in the west it was changed to a t-shirt and jeans in River City Ransom and a more American street gang look in Renegade.
    • In Renegade his motives were also changed. In the Japanese version he's out to get revenge, because a gang beats up his friend. However, in the western version, he's out to save his girlfriend who's been kidnapped by a gang.

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