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    In the world of Sanctuary, Kurast is the captial city of Kehjistan and lies in the East beyond the Twins Seas. Kurast is visited in Act III of Diablo II.

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    • It is visited in Act III of Diablo II, consisting of the following sections:  

    • Kurast Docks (Act III's quest hub)
    • Lower Kurast
    • Kurast Bazaar
    • Upper Kurast
    • Kurast Causeway
    • Travincal
    • Guardian Tower

    Kurast once extended deep into the jungles of Kehjistan, but most of the city has become uninhabitable after Mephisto's minions beseiged it. Only the city's docks remain inhabited by the city's citizens, as it is protected from evil forces by a magical barrier erected by the mage Ormus. 


    • Alkor 
    • Asheara 
    • Deckard Cain 
    • Hratli 
    • Meshif 
    • Natalya 
    • Ormus 

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