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Kurn's Tower
Kurn's Tower

Kurn's Tower was once the most dreaded place in all of Kunark. During the reign of Venril Sathir around two thousand years before the Age of Turmoil, this tower was where the Iksar took their enemies to imprison, torture, maim, and eventually kill them. During the height of the empire, Kurn Machta was one of Venril Sathir's most loyal captains. Venril did not wish to taint the glorious streets of Sebilis with the torturous screams of prisoners, so he commissioned the tower be built and chose Kurn as executioner. Venril could not have chosen a better candidate for the job. Along with his love of torture, Kurn performed various experiments on the prisoners. Under the reign of Atrebe Sathir, Venril's grandson, these experiments are what led to the creation of the sarnak race. Legend tells of one prisoner who was able to dig his way out of captivity only to find himself in the underground lair of the burynai, a badger-like race of people who worship Innoruuk. The prisoner was slaughtered, but his death led to the burynai discovering the tower's depths.

Kurn's Tower
Kurn's Tower

Soon, an army of necromancer and shaman burynai took the tower and captured Kurn himself. The burynai's leader fell in love with the torture devices created by Kurn, and used them on their creator. Kurn's Tower is now in shambles. It appears as though it could topple at any moment, yet adventurers enter every day in search of Kurn's great fortune. The tower's roof has already collapsed, leaving only the first two levels above ground fully accessible, but there are subterranean levels to the tower as well. Many undead, prisoners and guards alike, roam the various halls and chambers of the tower. Spiders have also infested the tower in order to escape the scorching sun out in the Field of Bone. In the lower levels, the burynai still reside here and are led by a powerful shaman known as Bargynn. The burynai, as loyal followers of Innoruuk, are more than willing to demonstrate their hateful spite to any visitors of the tower.

Neighboring Zones


  • Burynai Legion


Notable NPCs

  • Bargynn
  • Burynai Excavator
  • Burynai Explorer
  • Burynai Spelunker
  • Diggory
  • Fingered Skeleton
  • Observant Skeleton
  • The Rock Seer
  • Shattered Skeleton
  • Skeletal Cook
  • Undead Jester

Notable Items

  • Bargynn's Digger
  • Bargynn's Torch
  • Burynai Digmaster's Claw
  • Burynai Hide Boots
  • Burynai Hide Bracelets
  • Burynai Hide Cap
  • Burynai Hide Choker
  • Burynai Hide Cloak
  • Burynai Hide Gloves
  • Burynai Hide Mask
  • Burynai Hide Pants
  • Burynai Hide Shoulder Pads
  • Burynai Hide Sleeves
  • Burynai Hide Tunic
  • Etched Stone Totem
  • Iksar Berserker Club
  • Minor Stone of Power
  • Mold Covered Scale Band
  • Mold Covered Scale Mask
  • Scale Covered Mask
  • Scale Covered Plate Arms
  • Scale Covered Ring
  • Scale Link Chain Arms
  • Scale Patterned Leather Arms
  • Scale Woven Silk Arms
  • Shield of Kurn
  • Solist's Icy Wand

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