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    Kurt Dierker

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    Doppelsieg's top driver, Nazi follower and Sean's opponent on and, later, off the tracks.

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    Before the German invasion of France, Kurt Dierker was a racing driver. During a race, he is overtaken by Sean Devlin, an Irish mechanic turned racing driver. Rather than accept a loss, and international humiliation for the Third Reich, Dierker pulls out a Kruger Pistol, and shoots out Devlin's front right tyre. Devlin spins out, and Dierker wins the race.
    The winning car was to be shown on a plinth at the race track the day after. However, Sean decides that this is unfair, as it was not a 'correct' win. He then breaks into the Doppelsieg factory with a good friend, Jules. Sean launches the Silver Dart, the pride of German racing, over a cliff. However, both Jules and Sean are captured by Dierker, who reveals he is more than just a racing driver.
    Dierker believes that Sean is a British secret agent, and decides to torture Sean for information. He asks Sean to reveal everything he knows, or he will shoot Jules dead. Sean displeases him, and Dierker shoots Jules repeatedly. This killing motivates Sean to hunt down, and kill, Dierker.


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