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    Kuua is a realm in the EverQuest universe.

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    Ruined City of Dranik
    Ruined City of Dranik

    Kuua has several similarities with Norrath. Just as life on Norrath originated from the touch of a dragon, the same happened on Kuua. The native people of this world, the Dragorn, worship a mighty dragon named Dranik. Before the Muramite invasion, Kuua was quite similar in appearance to Norrath as well. But when Mata Muram's forces invaded, a darkness fell across the land. Muram used the power of the Riftseekers to merge the realm of Discord with Kuua, claiming it as his own. The darkness worked as a poison, wreaking havoc and inflicting chaos among the world's inhabitants. The Dragorn fought against the invasion nobly, but it was a lost cause. Some of the Dragorn recognized this and accepted bribes to join the Muramites. Others were blackmailed or brainwashed. For this was Mata Muram's goal, gathering the best warriors from each world, eliminating the rest, then enslaving the regular citizens.

    During the Age of Turmoil, and through the assistance of Norrath's greatest adventurers, the Wayfarers Brotherhood were able to discover the origin of the Muramite hordes that had overtaken the newfound continent of Taelosia . The Muramite leader, Mata Muram, was revealed to be a slave trader and conquerer of worlds. Using a planar creation known as the Riftseekers, Mata Muram was able to travel between realms spreading Discord, conquering races, and converting their best warriors into his own soldiers.

    In a continuing effort to end the threat of Mata Muram and his legions of warriors, the Wayfarers Brotherhood made a deal with the Priests of Discord to open a portal to the realm of Discord itself. The Wayfarers arrived in Kuua, a world long since conquered by the Muramites. The native people, a noble and peaceful race of draconian men and women called Dragorn, put up a respectable fight against the Muramites, but ultimately fell to insurmountable odds. The surviving Dragorn did not take kindly to yet another invading realm of people, but their trust was earned by the slaughter of the Muramite legions. Norrath's greatest adventurers were eventually able to defeat Overlord Mata Muram and end the threat of invasion from the realm of Discord. Or so they thought.



    • Anguish, the Fallen Castle
    • The Bloodfields
    • Dranik's Scar
    • Muramite Proving Grounds
    • Nobles' Causeway
    • The Ruined City of Dranik
    • Wall of Slaughter


    • Catacombs of Dranik
    • Dranik's Hollows
    • Harbinger's Spire
    • Riftseekers' Sanctum
    • Sewers of Dranik

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