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    Kybernesis is an independent game development company located in Trondheim, Norway.

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    Kybernesis is an independent game developer and publisher based in Trondheim, Norway. They started up as a single man company in 2007, but become incorporated in February 2013.

    Kybernesis have been developing a unique futuristic post-apocalyptic cyberpunk setting which they plan to use in the majority of their games; especially so in their innovative concept, Corp Wars.

    Wasteland Bar Fight

    But until the first Corp Wars game is finished, Kybernesis have been developing a smaller game for mobile devices, Wasteland Bar Fight, which was released just before new years eve 2014.

    Wasteland Bar Fight is a survival barroom brawler game for mobile devices where the player must survive waves upon waves of enemies coming from 4 directions. Defend against Creeps, Bullies, thugs and the dangerous Mega Bosses.

    Corp Wars

    Corp Wars will be a set of different games connected to each other where actions in one game will have consequences in other Corp Wars games.

    Corp Wars: Karavan

    The first Corp Wars game is Corp Wars: Karavan, where the player takes control of a Karavan of mega-transports and explore, trade & defend against raiders in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, not unlike Mad Max.

    Corp Wars: Territories

    The second game will be a strategic city builder, where the player need to build up a city state and manage the inhabitants, technology research and development, city planning and development, scavenging missions, spies and military training.

    Corp Wars: The Siege

    The third game planned within the Corp Wars setting is Corp Wars: The Siege, which is an extension of the Castle Defense genre where you defend a city state from Corp Wars: Territories against invaders with turrets, military units and technology.


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