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    Kyoko Minazuki

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    Kyoko Minazuki is a school nurse and eventual chemistry teacher of Justice High school in the Rival Schools series.

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    Rival Schools: United By Fate

    Kyoko, along with Hideo Shimazu, is sent to recruit students from other schools in the area to join Justice High school, a boarding school for the super-elite. After a couple of encounters with students from other schools, the pair begins to suspect their boss, Raizo Imawano, of being responsible for the recent wave of kidnappings across the area. Kyoko and Hideo initiate a confrontation with their superior who fights them with a brainwashed Shoma Sawamura. If the pair lose the fight, Raizo brainwashes them and sends them off to recruit more students. After finally breaking free from Raizo's manipulation, the pair eventually confronts Raizo once more and finally overcome him. If Kyoko's "good" ending is achieved the pair face off against the true villain behind the scenes. Kyoko is later seen exposing her former employer's corruption at a hospital she worked at in the past. While later walking with Hideo, she preemptively apologizes to him in case her act of defiance ends up affecting him. Hideo shrugs this off claiming he'll protect her and she embraces him. In Hideo's ending, she accepts his marriage proposal.

    Project Justice

    A year after the events of the first game sees Kyoko teaming up with her fiance, Hideo Shimazu, and Hayato Nekketsu to investigate the new string of attacks happening across the area. After learning of an imposter posing as Batsu Ichimonji, Kyoko ends up captured by him only to be rescued by Hideo and Hayato. After the imposter's true identity is revealed and he is defeated, the group encounters Hyo Imawano who has a mental break and ends up possessed by the evil spirit of his father turning into "Demon Hyo". Against the backdrop of a burning Justice High, the three teachers finally defeat Hyo. Their ending shows Kyoko in Hideo's hospital room as he recovers from his injuries, with Hayato. She makes Hideo blush when she reminds him about their upcoming wedding.


    "Devil in a White Robe"

    Kyoko in Rival Schools.
    Kyoko in Rival Schools.

    Kyoko is a school nurse turned chemistry teacher who is also an expert in anatomy and orthopedics due to her history in the field. Before her employment at Justice High, she worked at a hospital but left due to corruption behind the scenes. Although highly intelligent and passionate about her work, she possesses poor household skills and would rather spend all day drinking sake than cooking or cleaning. Due to her style and elegance, she has many admirers among the male students at Justice High school, many of whom feign injuries and sickness just to be near her.


    Kyoko, as she appears in the games.
    Kyoko, as she appears in the games.
    • She is an only child and still lives with her parents.
    • While having no poor subjects at school, she excelled at both chemistry and biology especially.
    • In her spare time, she writes articles for a weekly publication despite Justice High's policy stating teachers aren't allowed to have part-time jobs.
    • In Pocket Fighter, the character Tessa dresses as Kyoko during one of her super moves.
    • She is voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi.
    • She appears in the crossover strategy RPG game Namco x Capcom with Hideo. They are first seen attempting to defend Justice High students from an attack by Janga from the Klonoa series.
    • She appears as a card in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS.

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