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La Hire was an officer in the French army during the Hundred Years' War.  Born in born in 1390, he fought alongside Joan of Arc in the war with England.  His real name is Étienne de Vignolles; "La Hire" is a popular nickname which is French for "The Ire."

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War

In the game Bladestorm, La Hire is depicted as a simple but noble warrior that gives it his all when fighting for his friends and allies.  His eagerness to aid his comrades can also be something of a burden, as his desires can override his ability to follow orders.  He is accompanied by Gilles de Rais, who initially thought he could ride on La Hire's coattails and steal his success.  However, de Rais didn't realize how unpredictable and uncontrollable La Hire could be.

Jeanne D'Arc

In the fantasy-themed strategy RPG Jeanne D'Arc, La Hire is depicted as an anthropomorphic lion with powerful strength.  He joins Jeanne early on as an ally in the player's forces.

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