La-Mulana coming to WiiWare in North America after all!

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Whoop! North Americans, La-Mulana is coming to WiiWare on September 20th thanks to the fine folks at EnjoyUp.

I hit them up on twitter if there's any chance for a EU release from them as well...

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Great news. I hope it does well and proves Nicalis wrong... but it probably won't.

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Yup, I bought the WiiWare version last night, it totally exists! Anyone crazy enough to put anything out on the Wii Shop at this point can have my money.

I was going to pick up the PC version before, but getting it off the dev's site seemed like a bit of a hassle. I know they tried to get the game on Steam, but couldn't, and planned on trying to do it via Greenlight.

But about the game itself, it was way harder than I was expecting. Didn't realize you had to be so deliberate with the jumping, a la Ghosts & Goblins. And many of the puzzles are quite tricky! I was only planning on playing the game for a half-hour or so last night, but ended up staying up way past my bedtime and burning through 3 hours attempting to complete the first area. I did manage to beat the first boss, which was satisfying (although it took me way longer just to figure out how to get it to appear).

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