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I should make it clear, this started out as a call for assistance after a litany of problems with L.A. Noire. The problem has been resolved, but it still kinda bugs me. Here's the original post.
"So, I decided to wait for all the dlc to come out before getting L.A. Noire, thinking I'd get all the cases and extra stuff during my first playthrough (and getting it cheaper certainly helps too). Well, my copy arrived today and I immediately installed the 3 discs to my harddrive (My Xbox froze up during installing disc 1), then bought the Rockstar Pass. However, when I go to the Marketplace through the in-game menu, it says "No downloadable content is currently available.", and when I try signing into the Social Club, the game "synchronizes" for 5-10 minutes before it completely freezes up. I've managed to sign in to the Social Club once, the game telling me I unlocked a costume, but the game immediately froze up when I pressed A to advance (the only option).
I know there's been some calamity between Team Bondi and Rockstar, but surely I didn't just throw away 960 MS Points?"
The problem was solved by clearing the cashe, then updating it again. The main problem was that the dlc won't show up if you're not logged into the Social Club. All the dlc is currently installing. Still, what the hell? It's been three hours since I got the game and only now I've gotten it to work right, and now I have to sit here and wait for the dlc to download.

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