Error "AppId is not configured" Please help!!

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So I bought this game on the steam sale and started playing. I was having a great time. I dont see why everyone thinks this is a shitty port. It runs smooth and I have had no problems. I then found out that the FPS is capped at 30 so I thought I would look for a unlock or mod or something for the cap. I found one on the steam forum and put it on the game. I then went to play and got this error. AppId is not configured. The error box has one button "OK" so i click ok and it brings up this fatal error box with a bunch of info and a send error report button and so on. I have tried many things to fix this problem.

1. uninstalled the game and deleted my game save and settings ini file.

2. deleted the steam clients dlls 32 and 64 to force a steam update upon restart

3. deleted the reg blob

So I dont know what the fuck is going on with this game can someone help me. Also that fatal error box that came up told me to delete the settings ini file and restart the game. This does nothing.

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