Favorite/Least Favorite and Best/Worst Cases (spoilers)

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What was your favorite and your least favorite case?

I really liked "The Driver's Seat" with the pig's blood on the car. A curious little one-off with some fun threads. I was also a fan of the Vice case with Candy Edwards.

What cases did you ace your first time through and what cases did you just completely bomb?

I got a 3-star rating on "The Fallen Idol" (car caught under the billboard, aging movie star with teen girl) but I was pretty much just blundering my way through. I completely fucked up questioning the girl in the hospital, making her extremely uncomfortable and making it extremely difficult for me to pin down the guy at the prop store.

But by far the worst case for me was the first on Arson desk: "Gas Man." I went with Reginald Varley because he seemed to tie into the Suburban Homes conspiracy theory and the anarchist dude just seemed angry and such. I got a 1-star rating for going with Varley. Come to find out: NEITHER of them did it.

This, to me, is one of the biggest problems with this game: you never get to feel like you've really NAILED someone because the main villains of the game are just crazy dudes that get killed in shootouts when all the casework is done.
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@DeadSpace said:
This, to me, is one of the biggest problems with this game: you never get to feel like you've really NAILED someone because the main villains of the game are just crazy dudes that get killed in shootouts when all the casework is done.
I agree wholeheartedly. 

The game's narrative structure invalidates a lot of the work you do in between major events, so all of the "solved cases" jargon is hollow and any sense of closure is false until you've totally closed a plotline. 
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#3 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -

I'm in the middle of the Dahila murders, it's way too long, JUST TELL ME WHO REALLY DUN IT GOD DAMMIT

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I think the Black Caesar is my favorite. I really disliked the two Arson cases as Phelps. Those were the only ones I wouldn't want to go back to.

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The first case that I really felt like I totally nailed and gave me a buzz was The SIlk Stocking Murder, I really liked how it panned out. Drivers Seat was great too because I totally missed what was going on like a chump and made it far more complicated, I tried it again a second time and you can wrap that up pretty quickly if you don't make a … 'pigs ear' of it!

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I enjoyed the hit and run case. Mainly because I found the knife first try and knowing of its existence and implications led to me 5 starring the case.

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@HandsomeDevil: Agreed, the black caesar case is probably my second favorite. All of the characters involved in this case give the best performances in the game in my opinion.  
My favorite case is probably 'The Set-Up', the boxer case. Trailing the girlfriend I thought was interesting, and when she gets stabbed in the ladies room, I was shocked. 
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The entire arson department was a bit of a mess, and even the first two cases in there that are self-contained weren't so fantastic.

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The biggest disappointment for me was the Homicide Department, I think Team Bondi had dragged this part of the game too much. Potentially it is structured really great, but when I had the same routine over and over again (check the scene, go to the victims place, check her husband) - this pattern bored me to death.

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The Fallen Idol. It has everything: 

  • attempted murder
  • a drugged out bitch
  • shrunken heads
  • Phelps makes an ass of himself
  • rape
  • a fight
  • blackmail
  • pedophilia
  • Gay Cowboys
  • the best location in the game - Silver Screen Props
  • the secret camera room
  • a chase
  • the shootout at the Jungle Drums set
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The Fallen Idol, and the entire Homicide arc. Just a great desk with a bunch of fucking grisly murders. A little repetitive, but I really liked the build up to the final confrontation and trying to understand who the real perp was. I think arson might have been my least favorite desk, and I really didn't like the end mission (just my personal thought though).

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I really enjoyed The Fallen Idol. It had everything (which is becoming a cliche). But I really disliked The Naked City honestly. I have yet to 5-star it. And I've 5 starred everything else in the game. The ending to the Homicide desk was great, yet dissapointing. All of the Vice Cases were decent, basically because of Roy. Arson was the worst desk. It wasn't just just a job demotion, it was a interest demotion.

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