Games with interrogation mechanics

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I just recently hopped on the L.A. Noire bandwagon and, yeah, I'm enjoying my time with it. I'm especially enjoying the way that I have to study a character and kind of try to figure out what the actor was (often admittedly hamfistedly) trying to portray
I guess I was just wondering if anyone else knew of any games with good and/or interesting interrogation mechanics. The only thing that really comes to mind is the 24 game that came out back when that show was in its 5th season, but I never actually played that lol

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The Punisher by THQ, maybe? You had to beat up your perps and do shit like try to drown them in a piranha tank or dangle knives over their heads.

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24: The Game had a decent interrogation system from what I remember. The Punisher had a mechanic for it as well, but it mostly came down to holding a gun to their head or something more sadistic until the meter reached the bottom and they told you everything you needed to know. It was extremely straightforward but there was an interrogation system at least.
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True Crime games have interrogations as well. So did Splinter Cell: Conviction.

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The Batman Begins game on PS2 let you beat people up for information, I wouldn't describe that mechanic as "good" or "interesting" though.

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I'm not sure if your just curious or want more of it. If you do want more yor best bet is to buy the L.A Noire dlc. It's all really excellent. If your just curious I can only think of Deus Ex

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Splinter Cell: conviction had some urinal smashing interrogation techniques.

Slinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow also had interrogation.

I believe the others did as well but these two stand out to me.

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There's a quest in Oblivion where you punch a guy a lot until he tells you something that allows you to continue the story.

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Didn't Vinny say on the bombcast that the third episode of Sam and Max Season Three had interrogation scenes?

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Metal Gear Solid 3 & 4? Though it's incredibly simply, as you'd expect it to be when you've got a knife at a guy's throat. A lot of great dialogue to be rewarded with all the same!

Also Assassin's Creed was 33.333% punching guys in alleyways for information.

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