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  • Q6600 @ 3.0 ghz
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I waited long enough to buy LA Noire that I figured I may as well hold out for the PC version. Since Rockstar is not known for their PC ports (at least not in a good way) I was wary about this decision, and to some extent my reservations were vindicated by the final product. The following are the problems that I have encountered thusfar.

  1. When the Steam version first downloaded (12 GB!) it included none of the in-game VO. I had to restart Steam, after which it downloaded ANOTHER 2GB. Presumably this is only a day one issue, but it still sucked.
  2. The multithreading is atrocious. My CPU consistently reports one core at 100% and the rest at 20-40%. It has a framerate to match, and while it generally runs at a solid 30 it can occasionally dip into SPF territory. This is typically only at the beginning of any given sequence when I presume the game has all kind of extra nonsense to figure out. The framerate is also MUCH worse when you are in an outdoor area. The point is, my computer should be running this at a consistent 60. On the plus side, my graphics card barely noticed that a game was running.
  3. When I first booted up the game, it just sat at a letterbox view of the car I was sitting in. I had to restart the level to get it going.
  4. This isn't a technical issue, but don't play LA Noire on a 1080 monitor. The textures and models don't hold up. I have been playing it on my 720P television, and while it doesn't look "better" it IS a lot less jarring than seeing those facial animations modeled on what graphically equates to a potato with lips.

Otherwise, I'm enjoying it thusfar. I'm very happy that they are no longer asking me to drive anywhere.

EDIT: One more thing has become apparent after playing further: MIRRORS AND OTHER REFLECTIVE SURFACES ARE COMPLETELY FUCKED.

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