The Complete Edition Is Coming To Consoles Next Month

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According to GameSpot it's happening:
Faster than I expected, even with the PC version getting everything right off the bat. Anyways, it's Rockstar, and re-releases with the DLC packed in is a common thing for them. So that's why I never bought the original game, I only rented it. I guessed with Team Bondi shutting down is the reason why the complete edition to happen sooner than expected.
I'm happy that Rockstar does this with their games to be honesty with you. Even without the DLC, their games do offer a great value. I wished more companies would go the re-release route. 
What are your thoughts?

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It's great that they're releasing the whole thing with DLCs included for people who may not yet have played LA Noire.

I beat it but didn't play any DLC and I'm probably never going to touch that game again. It tried some really interesting things but was way too contrived and "videogamey" for lack of a better adjective.

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I shouldn't have bought this day 1 and I shouldn't have bought the Rockstar Pass. Well, lesson learned. I'll be less impulsive in the future when it comes to games I'm not sure about.

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Does the season pass include everything? I am wondering if I should get the regular edition and get the pass or wait for the complete edition. The price is the same but CE will force me to wait until the 18th. However if it includes stuff that the pass does not then it might be worth waiting.

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