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Labyrinth was one of the better games released for jail-broken iPhones, and the developer has continued that commitment with the iTunes App Store release of the game.


Labyrinth was developed by Carl Loodberg of Codefy AB. He worked on the game in his spare time, and it was first released in late 2007. The original game included just 10 levels, and had a timer that would reset the level if it wasn't completed with the limit. Like most games released at this time, it was free.

As development progressed, Labyrinth gained many features that helped boost its popularity:

  • an accelerometer calibration menu
  • user-submitted level packs
  • options to remove the level timer
  • advanced graphics and physics

After the increased popularity, the developers removed the full version and replaced it with a demo. They started charging a small fee to activate the demo, which only consisted of 10 demo levels. Suprisingly, this was not met with many complaints, as most fans felt that the app was well worth the price. This, however, did cause some conflict when the full Application was actually released on the iTunes Store July 25, 2008. This was due to users of the jail-broken version that paid for it having to re-buy it again from iTunes. Here's a quote from the developer on the matter:

"I would very much like to make it possible to update to the App Store version from the old version but unfortunately it is not possible at the moment. I am investigating different alternatives and talking to Apple about how this can be solved. My best hope now is to be able to issue "Redemption Codes" on the App Store."

Labyrinth continues to ride the top of the App store charts, and has received over 2 million total game downloads since it's first release.

Labyrinth Light Edition

Labyrinth LE is the trimmed down demo version of the full game. It contains only 10 levels. Today, both the demo and the full version are available on the iTunes App Store. The full version runs at $6.99, while the demo is free.


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