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    Ladius Raglan

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    Also called Ladifour Von Busser is the main protagonist in generation two of Agarest wars. He is Leonhardt's and the girl you marry in the first generation's son.

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    Generation Two Protagonist, Ladius:

    Also known as Ladifour, he's a terribly over serious character. Which is made fun of a lot in game. Ladius grows up as a foster son of House Busser after he moves to Greccea and meet's the House representative Howell Von Brusser.
    Ladius is chosen as heir but turn's it down, sense his fate is to become a Spirit vessel. But Howells death causes infighting in Grugund, so Ladius has no choice but to try and succeed Howell to stop what may lead to a civil war. Things do seem to calm, and he is given a mission to take out some bandits who are causing trouble, only to find out that he is labeled one of those who teamed up with the bandits and charged with conspiracy to possibly be starting a rebellion with them.
    He was never given a chance to explain, he decides to run,  fleeing to a neighboring country named Fensarril to escape the army advancing on his tail. The infighting spread though Greccea from Grugund which makes everything very unstable between the two countries.

    Ladius is Leonhardt's son, and whom ever you marry in Generation one.  Because of who you marry your skills, attacks and vitality may change in a grading system.

    The Mother choices were: (Starting level for choices are 18)


    Blue armor Ladius
    Innate Slot skills: Special x 2, General x 1, Lighting x 1
    Class Up Skills Slot: Fire x 1, Water x 1 
    STR = D
    VIT = C
    AGI = B
    INT = A
    LUK = A
    AP = 16
    MOV = 3

    Bullishness: Increases SP after every turn.
    Accuracy: Every Physical attack will hit the enemy.


    Red armor Ladius  
    Innate Slot skills: General x 2, Power x 2    
    Class up Skill Slots: Fire x 1, Wind x 1
    STR = B
    VIT = B
    AGI = A
    INT = B
    LUK = D
    AP = 16
    MOV = 3
    Bullishness: Increase SP after every turn.
    Parry: Activates when Hp is 25% or less. Evades Physical attacks except 'absolute hit' attacks


    White armor Ladius 
    Innate Slot skills: Combo x 2, Power x 2
    Class up Skill Slots: Fire x 1, Earth x 1
    STR = A
    VIT = S
    AGI = C
    INT = C
    LUK = C
    AP = 20
    MOV = 3
    Resolve: Increase the SP gain with each turn.
    Genius: Activate after accumulating more than 150 SP. Reduces the amount of AP used for all functions accept movement.

    The Choices for this generation.

    Ladius much like his father has three women chosen for him during this generation. Each has their own weaknesses and strength's and it's up to the player who they choose at the end.
    The new choices are: 


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