Lady Bow

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    Lady Bow is the fifth character to join Mario's party in Paper Mario. She is a female boo and head of the Boo mansion deep within Forever Forest. Her powers are making Mario invisible, scaring enemies from battle, and smacking opponents silly.

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    Mario meets Bow at the top of the Boo's Mansion inside the Forever Forest. She owns the Mansion and takes care of all the local Boos with the help of her butler Bootler. When Mario meets Bow, she has already captured the Star Spirit Mario was looking for named Skolar. However, Bow won't let Mario have it without him helping her out. Eventually, Mario and Bow agree to a trade --  if Mario takes care of Tubba Blubba, a monster that lives in a nearby Castle and who is eating Boos, then Bow will give up Skolar. In order to help Mario, Bow agrees to assist with taking out Blubba. After traveling through Blubba's castle with Mario and helping him defeat his hidden heart, Bow decides to join Mario on the rest of his journey. 
    Bow's field ability is called Outta Sight, where she makes Mario invisible. Any pursuing enemies lose interest quickly, letting them evade them perfectly.  This trick can also be used to pass through chain fences and other thin walls. In battle, Bow can smack enemies, hide Mario for a turn, and scare enemies -- potentially causing them to flee battle. She is also notably one of the few enemies who can attack ceiling enemies, due to her ability to float around.
    Bow makes a brief cameo appearance in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, vacationing at Poshley Heights with Bootler.

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