Lady Elvira Grey

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    Lady Gray is a character that appears in both Fable, as a rich mayor, and Fable 2, as an undead rich mayor. In both games the player can marry her.

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    In Fable, Lady Grey was the seductive mayor of Bowerstone who always had many suitors vying for her favor. When the Hero meets her, Thunder is her current suitor and through a series of quests the Hero impresses Lady Grey, which ends in a duel between the Hero and Thunder. Lady Grey can then be married, which comes with a large dowry and her mayoral mansion. It is also revealed that in order to become mayor Lady Grey murdered her older sister Amanda, an idea that was presented to her from the game's villain Jack of Blades.

    Fable II

    Lady Grey makes her return during the quest "Love Hurts", in which the gravekeeper of Bowerstone Cemetary is obsessed with her and is set on bringing her back to life. He sends the Hero to collect the three parts of her body that were buried separately after she was convicted of being a witch. When her body is reassembled, the gravekeeper succeeds in resurrecting her but the love spell that was included works on the first person she sees, which is the Hero. The player then has the choice of leaving and allowing the gravekeeper to marry her or staying and getting an undead wife.


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