Worth Picking up?

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#1 Posted by SpinCookie (749 posts) -

Is this worth if with that analog patch that came out, I really want to try it out, I love factor 5?

Also this game has the worst Icon, can someone change that?  It's like the dot from in between the letters in L*A*I*R.
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#2 Posted by Gameboi (655 posts) -

Besides the game getting unfavorable reviews, I personally did not like it. After playing through for about an hour, I stopped, and never touched it again. I'd avoid it, if I were you.

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#3 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

Maybe it would be worth it for no more than $20, but I can't see anyone paying more than that for the game.

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#4 Posted by pause422 (6334 posts) -

Yeah....I can't see this garbage being worth it in general, on top of terrible controls at the time, it was really just not fun at all. If you can get it 10-15 bucks somehow maybe, I'd say just give it a rent if you're interested...there's gonna be no replay value after you'd beat it once anyway, but even 20$ I think is too much for this piece of shit.

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