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Not a building block for the PS3, NOT a failure

A lot of people were very disappointed by Lair, as was I, but maybe that's because our expectations were so high. Maybe we thought this would be a classic. Maybe we thought it would be amazing.

Its not all that bad as people make it out to be. The concept is great and the cut scenes set up good episodes in the game. It is actually very addicting, especially when you really get into the roll and flow of the game. Tell me you don't like to swoop down on a group of soldiers and absolutely massacre them all any way you want without them really being able to do anything. You can eat a few, burn a few and smash the rest. Although the motion-sensing gets kind of frustrating at times now you can just turn it off to use the analog sticks.

It is a solid game and should be seen as small supporter and not an attempted building block to the PS3's success.

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